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Pet Radiology And Ultrasound Services

Part of accurate diagnostics relies on clear imaging. The Veterinary Hospital has invested in digital radiology providing outstanding image quality, vital for the complex work that we do and for the best outcome for our patients.

To complement our x-ray department, we have modern ultrasound imaging.

Ultrasound provides a harmless, non-invasive way of imaging the internal soft tissue structures of the body.

This includes:
• Echo-cardiography for identifying heart disease and for on-going optimal monitoring of the patient.

• Abdominal ultrasonography- many applications of use in diagnosis of disease and dysfunction of the alimentary canal, urogenital system, pregnancy diagnosis, etc.

• Musculo-skeletal ultrasound– ultrasound provides a useful insight into muscle, tendon and ligament trauma.

• Examination of external masses, e.g. cancers and inflammatory problems.

• Bladder stone (dense white mass in centre of screen) visible with ultrasound

• Digital X-ray Machine/ Gas (Isoflurane) General Anaesthetic machine