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Veterinary Pharmacy

We have a diverse stock of modern veterinary medicines supplied from the U.K. The stock is regularly updated by computer and added to when new medicines become available. Provision of reliable, correctly manufactured medication is critically important and is why we source from competent medical suppliers in the U.K.

We have an in-house veterinary pharmacy in Dubai that is designed to provide our clients with reliable, carefully stored and controlled medications. All prescriptions are under the directive and supervision of our experienced veterinary surgeons.

Pharmaceutical Processes

For some medications e.g. Prescription Only Medicines (POM’s), the patient will have to be examined within certain periods depending on the condition. This might be every three or six months and is necessary for the patient’s welfare, as some drugs require regular monitoring due to potential side effects or the patient’s illness might demand regular examination to minimise deterioration.

Our pet pharmacy in Dubai offers a wide range of pet care products ranging from premium quality nutrition, shampoos, conditioners, external and internal parasite control, behavioural control, etc.

Our reception staff are all knowledgeable and happy to explain any query you might have about the products or any general enquiries.

Whether importing or exporting your pet, we have decades of experience in providing the appropriate blood tests, health checks and veterinary support in pet travel. Please contact us directly at .