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Pet Surgery

In addition to performing all routine surgeries such as neutering, lump removals, abscess drainage, etc., our veterinary surgical specialists have extensive experience in advanced surgical procedures, having seen thousands over the years. Because of our success in technically challenging surgery, The Veterinary Hospital receives referral work from all over the UAE and the Gulf.

Some of the more specialised pet surgeries we do are listed below:

Soft Tissue Surgery

Corrective surgery

e.g. Airway disease:
-Brachycephalic Syndrome - involves plastic surgery of common anatomical abnormalities of the airway of snub- nosed breeds of dogs and cats. This type of pet surgery allows the patient to breath and exercise more easily in the high temperatures and humidity of the Middle East, extending their quality of life and longevity. -Laryngeal Paralysis or Collapse – a consequence of the above being untreated and potentially fatal.

Reconstructive surgery/Plastic Surgery

- commonly used after severe road traffic accidents, burns and falls from high balconies. Extensively, we use Plastic Surgery in repairing areas of significant skin loss, repairing damaged eye corneas with conjunctival grafts, muscle and bone grafts in orthopaedic surgery, omental grafts in thoracic and abdominal surgery.

Digestive tract surgery

– removal of foreign body blockages, stomach dilatation and volvulus (twisted stomach), gastropexy, repair of anatomical abnormalities, gallbladder surgery, liver lobectomy, megacolon surgery, cancer surgery.

Vascular surgery

- Portosystemic Shunts- redirecting abnormal congenital defects in the blood flow from the digestive system to the heart. -Patent Ductus Arteriosus- heart surgery to correct a congenital defect in the flow of blood from the lungs to the heart. -Pericardectomy- heart surgery

Hernias/ Ruptures

- commonly experienced are umbilical, inguinal, diaphragmatic and peroneal hernia repairs.

Trauma / Wounds

Salvage Procedures

Eye ablation- removal of the eye.
Total Ear Canal Ablation- removal of the complete ear canal
Nephrectomy – kidney removal
Lobectomy- liver lobe removal.

Uro-genital surgery

Kidney/Ureteric/Bladder /Urethral Surgery / Incontinence treatment– removal of kidney stones, bladder stones, transposition of ectopic ureters, nephrectomy Peri-urethral implants to control urinary incontinence.