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Veterinary Laboratory

We have an in-house veterinary laboratory equipped with the Idexx Lab Station- the most up to date computer analytical machinery for blood testing together with an array of other specialised tests. Being in-house, it allows us to report results rapidly and to accurately monitor patients.

In addition to conducting comprehensive veterinary blood tests, we perform many other tests in-house, including:

• Microscopy
• Urinalysis
• Faecal analysis
• Viral testing
• Bacterial Culture and Sensitivity
• Parasitology
• Fungal Culture
• Fine needle aspirate histopathology.
Pet import and Export related tests
Whether importing or exporting your pet, we have decades of experience in providing the appropriate blood tests, health checks and veterinary support in pet travel. Please contact us directly at

Our In-house Veterinary Laboratory

State of the art Idexx computer blood analysis machines.

Spindle Cell Sarcoma cancer cells seen on Fine Needle Aspirate sample