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Veterinary Dentistry

Dental hygiene is important to your pet. Good oral hygiene is scientifically proven to increase the quality and longevity of your pet’s life. Tartar is a yellow/brown concretion of calcified salts, food and bacteria that forms on the teeth. It causes gum inflammation (gingivitis), leading to inflammation of the tooth socket and tooth loss (periodontis).

This results in bad breath (halitosis) and absorption of bacteria plus their toxins into the general blood circulation, causing systemic disease e.g. heart disease, septic arthritis, septicaemia and abscessation.

Animal Dental Care And Oral Surgery

It is recommended to have a dental descale and polish every 6 months, just like in human dentistry. It is important to use ultrasound descaling to minimise damage (enamel scratching) that would otherwise happen by manual descaling.

At The Veterinary Hospital, we have state of the art dental equipment necessary to perform the full range of veterinary dentistry services, from simple to complex dental surgery, including:

Dental digital x-ray cameras.
Dental air turbine drills.
Ultrasonic dental descalers.
Dental air turbine polishers
and all the necessary equipment to perform the full range from simple to complex dental surgery.

Just like our surgical department, we perform advanced and routine animal dentistry and oral surgery, receiving referrals from around the Gulf.